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Tennis Rules and Court Rates

General Tennis Rules
For purposes of the Tennis Rules, the term “Senior Member” shall mean any member 18 years or older. A “Junior Member” shall mean any member 17 years or younger.
Senior members have priority on the clay courts except when special rules may apply for tournaments as announced.
Junior Members have equal rights to the hard courts with Senior Members except: a) During Prime Time; b) On all days when clay courts are unavailable; c) When special rules pertain for tournaments or events as announced.
Indoor courts require reservation, which are made through the Club’s online reservation system. Rules regarding the indoor courts and reservations are described below, and they are applicable to both junior and senior members.
When club members are waiting for an available clay or hard court, singles and doubles players should limit their play to 1½ hours.
If two or three players in a doubles group wish to hold a vacant court until the rest of their group arrives, and others are waiting to play, they may do so. Their starting time for their 1½ hour limit is when the first players enter the court. Similarly, if two players join an existing singles group, the match may only last until the end of the 1½ hours to which the original singles match was entitled, if others are waiting to play.

Before start of play on the clay courts, set your starting time on the clock corresponding to your court.
Members participating in Club tournaments must wait their turn for an available court. They do not have the right to "cut in" ahead of others waiting to play. During the men's and women's summer tournaments, however, during the hours of 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, players may go to the head of the line of those waiting to play. Once on the court, tournament players will be allowed to play their match to completion.
Ladies Day is on Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30 am year-round.
ATTIRE: Proper tennis attire is required. "Proper Attire" includes any clothing specifically produced and sold for the purpose of playing tennis. Clothing produced and sold as "casual wear" or "sportswear" is not considered appropriate for playing tennis. Sleeveless tank tops are not considered appropriate. Proper tennis shoes are required. Dark-soled, running, or hiking shoes are not allowed.

Proper cell phone etiquette is to be observed while on the tennis courts or inside the hub or clubhouse. Use special care to not disturb others within the same area from ringtones or loud conversations.
Indoor Court Reservation Policy and Fees
There are two types of indoor court reservations: "open reservations" and "seasonal reservations".
Open reservations are made using the club’s on-line reservation system. Reservations may not be made more than four days in advance. There is no free “walk-on” court time. Members MUST reserve court time using the on-line system prior to play, or use the sign-in sheet if play extends beyond previously reserved time.
If court time is used but not reserved or signed in, the member(s) will be billed double the normal hourly rate.
No player may be involved in more than two advance reservations per week. The week is defined as Monday through Sunday.
No player shall make an advance reservation more than four days in advance of the playing date. This four day maximum does not include the day on which the reservation is made.
Members will be billed for reservations that are not cancelled six hours in advance of the reserved court time.
The indoor court seasonal reservations season begins in September, and concludes 32 weeks later in May. Members will be notified of official start date each September.
Seasonal reservation conflicts will be resolved prior to the first reservation day. The group captains will be notified by the club manager, and a resolution will be negotiated between conflicting parties, and their decision will be relayed to the club manager.

Members may be in more than one reservation group. However, the club reserves the right to limit seasonal reservations in order to leave a reasonable amount of open reservation time available for other members.
Reservation fees are based on "prime time" vs. "non-prime time".
Prime-time Hours:
Weekdays: ............................... 9:00am-1:00pm, 5:00pm-8:00pm
Weekends: .............................. 9:00am-2:00pm
All court fees are based on a per-hour court usage. The hourly cost will be divided equally among all players reserving the court.
Prime Time Reservation: ....................... $24.00/hr
Non-prime Time Reservation: ............... $14.00/hr
Court reservations can be made for any duration up to 1 1/2 hours for singles, and 2 hours for doubles, in increments of 30 minutes.
Seasonal reservations that overlap between prime and non-prime will be charged accordingly based on the prime vs. non-prime hourly fee.